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Strabismus and Tropia are medical terms for a vision condition that is called by various different names. Other names include cross eyed, crossed eye, cockeye, weak eye, wall eyed, wandering eyes, deviating eye, squint, hererotropia and others.Strabismus is a vision condition where one’s eyes are not able to properly align under normal conditions.One eye is misaligned in relation to the other when focusing on an object. Both eyes are not able to focus in the same direction, at the same point, at the same time. When a person’s eyes appear to be turned in (toward the nose), they are commonly called cross-eyed. This is more formally termed Esotropic Strabismus. When the eyes appear to be turned outward (away from the nose), the person is commonly called wall eyed.

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Strabismus may be classified either constant or intermittent, based on the frequency. Diagonisis shall determine ..
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Strabismus may be caused where the brain has trouble coordinating the eyes or a muscle disorder.
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While treatments exist, they are not considered to be a cure. Proper diagnosis is required to acertain and treat
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Strabismus surgery is an attempt to realign eyes as close to normal as possible. Eye muscle surgery......